Colin Westcott-Pitt, Vice President of Marketing for Dos Equis, Amstel Light and Newcastle Brown Ale, Heineken USA, New York

Colin Westcott-Pitt is Vice President of Marketing for Dos Equis, Amstel Light and Newcastle Brown Ale at Heineken USA. He is also the champion of the remarkable Dos Equis campaign that features fictional spokesperson, the "Most Interesting Man in the World." Of course, this most interesting man doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis. “Stay Thirsty, My Friends” is his best advice.

He is also UK native based in New York who has responsibility for a Mexican brand that’s part of a Dutch corporation. (If great ideas have borderless appeal, then their champions must be dedicated internationalists.)

Westcott-Pitt’s uncharacteristic spokesperson has not only broken all the rules of beer marketing, but has driven extraordinary results. Dos Equis Lager, established in 1897 and named for the approaching 20th century with its roman numerals of XX or two x's, is now the fastest growing imported beer brand in the US. It is also the first beer brand in 2010 to capture 1million "likes" on Facebook and receives an average of 436 daily fan posts.

Understanding the consumer insights of a young male target group and translating them to a seasoned, opinionated and surprising spokesperson was a key moment in the marketing process. Heineken USA and their agency teams recognized that any young man's ultimate fear is that he just might be boring, so why not build a character that has lived a life so full of outlandish experiences that he is simply the Most Interesting Man in the World? (Even if that Most Interesting Man is approaching 70 and your core target is largely comprised of 20-somethings.)

One of the many significant elements of this campaign is Westcott-Pitt's commitment to insure the Most Interesting Man's authenticity and not overexpose him. He believes that the character must remain engaging, but also mysterious. "He lives and dies by his legends; he’s the antithesis of today’s man in the digital space." However, the brand also needed to engage in the digital conversation, so the Dos Equis team found a way to talk about the Most Interesting Man, rather than have him talk to an audience.

As a result, The Dos Equis Facebook Fan Page has included a contest to replace the Most Interesting Man’s apprentice to a journal "written" by the Most Interesting Man in the World, as well as advertising spots and fans content. Dos Equis Youtube videos also have over 1 million views.

Another important aspect of the campaign is Westcott-Pitt’s approach to the client-agency relationship when several specialist shops are involved. “It’s easy,” he says. “There’s one agreement. No turf wars. The goal is to collaborate. There is always an open brief and the best idea wins.” His three rules for a success agency relationship are: 1.) Agreement to set of guidelines, 2.) Mutual respect and 3.) Shared passion for the brand.

We look forward to more adventures and more campaign wisdom.  Without doubt, Colin Westcott-Pitt is certainly one of the most interesting men in marketing.