James Moorhead, Associate Marketing Director, Gillette/Procter & Gamble, Boston

James Moorhead has been one of the most outstanding marketers of the past several years.  Not only did he make turn a 70+ year-old brand into a best-selling sensation among a new, young audience, but the "Smell Like a Man, Man" Old Spice campaign won the brand a Cannes Lion.

Last year, he made a transition to a new role within his company—quietly, matter-of-factly and without the usual fanfare that often accompanies such moves.  At heart, both he and the Procter & Gamble Company understand that his talents for marketing reinvention can translate to many brands.  They also recognize that fresh ideas require change.  Being a professional first and a personality second is rare in this business and certainly deserves note.

In his new role at Gillette, James Moorhead  is leading the Global FUSION & ProGlide business including razors, shave preparations and skin care in North America and Western Europe. James has traveled in 42 countries to both explore ancient civilizations and better understand developing economies.

He also has kept true to his roots. While attending Williams College, he served as a captain of the varsity lacrosse team.  Today, he gives back to the community through coaching high school hockey and through his commitment to a non–profit organization called Thinking Beyond Borders, where also he serves as the Chairman of the board of directors. Thinking Beyond Borders is committed to changing the world by translating learning into action; the organization inspires students through education to address critical global issues.

James has been candid about sharing his lessons from the Old Spice success, which he views as an integrated success story rather than simply a social media success story. “Collaboration across disciplines is essential if a campaign is to have deeper impact.”  He believes that trust between a client and agency is critical to any breakthrough undertaking. He advocates laser-focused briefs and getting the ideas right first, because channels can follow later.  Certainly he recommends knowing the digital landscape and feels that great branded entertainment is often better solution than selling too hard.

He also believes in being flexible in a real time world.  It seems he has followed his own advice in terms of his recent career move.

James’ work in marketing encompasses more than the Old Spice brand.  He has a successful track record of building Health Care and Beauty & Grooming brands, including Prilosec OTC, Vicks, and Zest.  He’s managed relationships with P&G’s top customers including Walmart and Target.  He has led the development of creative advertising campaigns featuring the likes of Will Ferrell and LL Cool J and has successfully established partnerships with NASCAR and the NFL. He also holds two U.S. Patents for the ornamental design of a bottle.

James has been a guest speaker on brand management and digital marketing at more than a dozen schools and conferences including the Harvard Business School, Michigan’s Ross School of Business, GOOGLE’S Think Marketing 2010 London event and the Association of National Advertisers — Creativity Conference.

We await his next contribution to marketing… and already know that he will honor the brand first and see his role as facilitator as he dashes off to hockey practice.